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10 of 100 – Don’t Just Do…Be

Our western way of thinking is flawed.  We are busy, constantly in action and feel unproductive when we aren't getting something done.  This driven-ness is what makes many of us successful, but it's not a very healthy.

We must get things done, but it's important for us to become more self-aware.  We have to become aware of what as happening right now in our "present."   All too often, our minds are obsessing with the past. We have regrets and our minds are rehashing that old experience as if it could change what happened.  If we aren't doing that, we are worrying about our future going over it again and again.  Playing out each and every scenario. Often, we are rehearsing the worse case scenarios. Very negative.

Well we cannot change the past and the future isn't hear yet.  All we have is the present.

The reason this is so important is because this living in the past and future keeps us from appreciating, enjoying and taking action in the present.  And the present is the only place we can actually make a difference.  

If I'm having dinner with my family and my mind is wandering thinking about tomorrow's agenda, it keeps me from being there for my loved one.  Going over what happened yesterday, the good or the bad, keeps me from being really available to the people close to me that may be wanting to share time with me.

I know I have this tendency to cram too much in my head.  My mind obsesses.  It's working to solve a problem that right now cannot be solved.  And it's keeping me from being really present in what I'm doing.

This is a really abstract concept, but one I must work to address so I can be the best at who I am.