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14 of 100 – Sailing vs. Motorboats

I grew up motor boating here in my Miami hometown. I spent so many summers on the water skiing, fishing and all a young person thinks to do there.

Later in life, I took up sailing. A college buddy of mine is really into it and because of him we've been sailing at some great destination. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) tops the list. This summer we're joining him and some friends on the Chesapeake.

Motor boating and sailing are two different animals. They divide people into two camps. The arguments between the two are legendary and get emotional. People feel strongly about one versus the other.

Motor boating is about getting there. The boat is your form of transportation. It gets you to the destination. Sailing is about the journey. The sailing itself is what you are there to do. This experience is a big part of it.

If I look at my life, I run it like a motor boater. I'm about getting places, accomplishing something, achieving a goal. I'm working to check something off my list. I know all too clearly I'm missing out. I keep my eye glued to the horizon looking to where I'm going. I fail to appreciate the moment.

On a sailboat, the the sounds are all natural. You hear the wind and waves interacting with the vessel. You aren't traveling very fast even on the fastest catamarans. The views can be spectacular. One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen anywhere are on the northern end of the BVIs. Jost Van Dyke is this small island and I have my Soggy Dollar cap to commemorate it. Look up a some pictures on Google.

I need to get my head out of my head. I need to increase my awareness and notice what's going on around me. I especially have to notice the people. In the process of getting to my destination and achieving my goals (and I know I'll get there), I'm missing out on so much. It's a real shame that I'm so driven.

I need to do something. I need to get off my motor boat and hoist up my sails.