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22 of 100 – People Are More Important Than…


My life doesn't always reflect it, but people are so much more important than work and "things."  If I look at the time I spend working to build my own business, it is huge (think Donald Trump HUUUUUUUGE) compared to the time I spend with the people I care for.

The advice I give anyone planning to start a business or in the thick of running one is to strike a balance.  The relationships you tend to set aside because of your need to work long hours will suffer.  Is the sacrifice worth it for you?

I'm in a good situation for working the crazy hours I keep to build my business.  I'm older with two adult daughters who are on there own.  My youngest is away at college so she's only around during breaks.  It's just my wife and I coming up on our empty nest stage.

I was speaking with a fellow business owner and customer who has kids at home.  She has told me she only works the hours when her kids are in school.   I asked if she'd been able to continue with that commitment.  She told me she had continued with that and her business is thriving anyway.

She told me about some migraines she used to get years back.  She sees them today as a big blessing.  Because of them, she had no choice but run her business knowing she might not be available.  Her migraines would popup unexpectedly and take her out for days at a time and sometimes even longer.  So she started running her business early on building a team that could fill in for her if she was out.

She thinks of it as a blessing because she has a successful business now that enables her to spend time with her kids.  That might not be the case had she not dealt with the migraines.

I've written about crooked paths leading to a clear direction before and this is a classic example.

Note to self: Quit complaining when things don't go exactly as planned.  The worst of things can turn out to be a major blessing and allow you more time with the people you love.