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25 of 100 – I Give and I Give…

I'm a generous person.  I share what I have with others when I can.  It's also good business.

I have been associated with BNI over the years.  They are a business networking organization with the slogan, "Givers gain."  They encourage and outright demand their members give other BNI members referrals freely.  You give with no expectations of getting anything in return, but what typically happens is you get referrals in return.

I belong to Facebook groups of Infusionsoft partners.  I frequent groups for people wanting help with the membership websites we specialize in building.  I'm the guy that freely answers questions, provides advice and sometimes even schedules phone calls with people to "give them a hand."  There have been times when my 5 minute response saves them hours and hours of work.

Some people might say, "Why would you give something for free like that?"   I don't do project work online for free.  I don't spend hours working for people pro bono.  I do give away free advice, guidance and this sort of assistance because it:

  • Enables me to showcase my expertise.
  • Shows that I am a good person willing to help other.
  • Builds goodwill with the people receiving the help and watching me do it.

I like working with people that value my being helpful like this.  Those are the kind of people that see this and say to themselves, "This guy knows his stuff.  When I have a need for the kind of services this guy does, I'm going to consider him for the job."  So I give and I give setting no conditions knowing that it will lead to some eventual pay back later.

I live with the belief that there is abundance in the world.  I don't live by the rules that you have to be stingy with your knowledge because you don't want people to take advantage of you.  Have people benefited from me in the past and never even said thank you for what I've done for them?  Yes, that has happened.  At the same time, have I gotten referrals and work from people who have seen me in action?  Have those people thought I'd be the kind of person they needed to work them?  Absolutely that has happened too.

Note to self:  You have been blessed with gifts others need.  Give and keep right on giving.