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26 of 100 – How Old Is Old Today

I remember the first time I said to someone, "I remember when that happened 20 years ago."  For the first time, I realized I could remember something that happened that long ago. I had crossed some line for the first time and felt old.

Age is so relative.  You cannot escape it.   My grandfather is 95 and is usually the oldest person in the room.  He thinks I'm a kid.

I'm in my 50s.  I look at my daughters all in their 20s and they seem so young.  Yet my oldest can remember things that happened 20 years back.  She might feel "old" like I did.

Coming to grips with age is something we all have to do.  We can accept it or not.  My wife's step-grandmother and her sisters were infamous for not wanting to look old.  They dressed a bit too young for their age wore big dark glasses so their eyes wouldn't show their eyes as much.  That didn't work well.

We all have to accept our age for what it is.  We have to become aware of our role because of our age, our experience and and relationships.  This awareness can enable us to maximize who we are and what we can offer those around us.

For example, because I've been married 31 years.  Only someone my age having been married that long can  give perspective to those that haven't been married as long.  It enabled me to have an interesting conversation with a customer now raising a 9 month old.  I've been there done that and can give a perspective not everyone can give.

Because I have worked in technology all my life, I can talk about computing in the 80s.  That feels really historic because technology moves so fast, but I can explain things to younger folks who haven't seen what I have seen.  It can be helpful to people in my field.

I was talking to someone and we agreed these fad marketing trends aren't always the best thing for business owners as they begin marketing online.  Traditional marketing methods from decades back are important.  You need to adapt them to the new mediums, but they are usually a better starting point than some of these fads.   You have to have seen enough through experience and have reviewed what people have been doing for decades to appreciate what is the best next thing to do.

I really enjoy teaching and explaining and providing insight to my people younger than me.  It could be my daughters, nephews and neices, the people that work for me and anyone I contact.  I can be most valuable to them only if I am able to accept who I am and where I am in my life. It enables me to give all of who I am to others.  Getting hung up on NOT wanting to be who I am works well for no one.

Not to self:  You're getting old, Mr.  Appreciate that for all it is and give what only you can give to others.