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3 of 100 – Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

We recently visited Key West and, of course, we were playing a Jimmy Buffet station. And on comes, "Don't Worry. Be Happy." It was perfect while on a trip to Key West and just as good for reflecting on worry.

"Cause in your life you'll have some troubles. When you worry you make it double."

Life dishes out enough trouble. We have these very real struggles and we have to deal with them. Worry takes that very real trouble and amplifies it. And that's so stupid.

If I think back to how things have turned out in the past, troubles I faced never turned turned out like my mental worse case scenarios. For example, I'm always watching (and worrying about) my cash flow. There are times when I can't pay everything that needs paying. There just isn't enough to go around.

If I review things going back a year, I have yet to have a total crisis that ruined my business, my family or anything really. Sure there were bumps in the road and annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes painful situations. It NEVER did play out like my mental worse case scenario. No, the IRS agents did not show up with big thugs resulting in my family going homeless.

This sort of flawed thinking sucks the happiness out of me. I really need to stop this.

Note to self: Don't worry. Be happy.