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32 of 100 – Please Don’t Be Shy

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, please get over being be shy. It's a luxury you cannot afford.

I moved this past week and was VERY impressed with our movers. The owners and their team were top notch. The business is run by a husband and wife team and we go to talking. I'm an Internet marketer. He's a mover. But most importantly, our top role is sales.

A business owner MUST be out there talking to people - telling your story. I hear from a lot of business owners that they feel awkward and uncomfortable do this. My advice is, "Get over it." It's much more uncomfortable falling short on sales and not being able to pay your bills.

Is say "get over it" not to be in your face. It's that you have to get yourself telling your story doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.

Let me take my mover friend for example. He works in Miami. We have a town that lacks good customer service. Finding a good mover that's good at a fair price isn't easy. If he were shy (and neither he or his wife are), he'd be keeping people from getting at the top services they offer. When he talks up his business, he's doing people a favor.

Sales is NOT about beating people over the head to buy something they don't want. It's about getting the word out that you have something others need. When they find you they should be relieved. They have found a way to get their issue addressed.

Fortunately, I've gotten tons of coaching and training and I have "gotten over it." It wasn't always something I did easily. It is now and it's something every business owner can do.

My advice to anyone who owns a business to remember that getting sales in the door is the top priority. Figuring out ways to overcome any shyness should involve feeling confident that you are doing people a favor by getting them to buy what you have to offer.