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33 of 100 – Do you recognize your own gifts?

There are certain things I do extremely well. There are others that are just not things I should be doing.

For example, I'm not good a detail work. This week my family and I are moving and before leaving I had to patch and paint the walls to cover up nail holes. The first few were a little fun as I worked the wall putty then painted it over. I waited to make sure the paint dried and matched the wall color. From then on, it was torture for me.

I'm a problem solver. I'm good at defining process. I enjoy teaching others. I can to come up with creative solutions, defining processes for getting a job done and teaching others. Running the processes over and over again to get consistent results is not my thing.

I keep myself away from detail work when possible. I recognize this and have organized my team (and family when it comes to patching walls) with this in mind. My daughter now knows how to patch holes in walls well. My team builds better membership sites following processes I've defined than I ever could. This awareness of what I'm good at doing has served me well.

I highly recommend business owners reflect and become very self aware in this area. We all have God given talents and skills. The more aware we are of these and work to position ourselves to use our strengths best, the better we can be for our business, for our family, friends and for every one around us.

Note to self: Stay away from detail work. It stresses you out and you suck at it.