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34 of 100 – People’s Opinions Don’t Matter Much

Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one. I've heard this saying used with a less agreeable body part. The point is if you want opinions on every topic known to man, you can get it from someone - whether you like it or not.

When you are running your own business, you need advisers. You need people that will share their experience with you and serve as your guide, coach, confidant. Selecting people to serve in that capacity is important.

The opinions of people who are NOT experienced and really don't have understand what it is you are doing can be a problem. Running a business is difficult enough. I cover that in many of my articles. Having opinions, especially negative ones that bring you down, thrown at you causing you to question what you are doing can be an issue. What's even worse is this feedback begins to influence you and they can be counter to what you should be doing.

Note to self: Be wary of those unsolicited opinions.