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40 of 100 Listen More Than You Speak

We've all heard the saying, "You have two ears and one mouth.  Listen twice as much as you speak."  That's good advice.

I've had my share of "talking too much."  As I reflect on my past ways, I've seen many times when I've been more than eager to interrupt.  Instead of waiting my turn listening to what others have to say, I've spoken over them believing what I have to say is more important.  I have to admit that is very disrespectful.

When I think of what it is that drives me to do that, I find my insecurities are at the root.  I'm in a situation where I feel inadequate.  I want the other person to recognize what it is I know.

This is so counter-productive.  It hurts relationships.  It reduces other people's incentive to share their best thinking.  As a business owner, it keeps team member's from contributing to their full potential.

I don't see this as much in myself today as I did back when I was younger.  Maybe it's something I've addressed as I've aged, learned and become wiser.

Note to self:  Listening is extremely valuable.  I've got to do more of this.