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42 of 100 Get Off Your Behind and Do It

Lazy people bug me. It's easy to spot them. They don't get much done because they prefer doing things other than what they're supposed to be doing. The poetic justice to it is they will ever succeed in business and they won't ever make much money.

What I think is an even bigger problem is lack of focus. It's something that will tank a business owner's productivity. Have you met people that are busy all the time? They are always doing something, but not doing things efficiently. They are driving themselves hard (absolutely NOT lazy), but their productivity isn't any better.

My issue years back was I could do too many things. I am very strong technically. Because of my tech background, I can figure out most anything. I had been a web developer, but if you needed something anywhere near the realm of web development, I would say I could do it. I did video work, audio recordings, podcasting, search engine work, copy writing, you name it.

It join a mastermind group and I remember one very painful conversation with others in the group. It became so clear how damaging this habit was to my myself and my business. I was so busy doing any job that fell in my lap that I never found my niche - my specialty. I was taking on these less profitable jobs that required a lot of my time and couldn't charge for it. Worse yet, I couldn't teach it to others on the team because I was the only one on the team capable of doing them.

My business today is completely different. We are at our best building Infusionsoft membership sites. We are expert consultants using Infusionsoft, an tool for online marketing, and are very good at provide consulting services in that space. That's it.

People in my circle know when it's best to refer us. I have a team that can build these membership sites with little involvement from me. It works so much better.

I am looking into adding one other specialty soon. I'm not jumping into without thinking it through and preparing ourselves well. I want to train our team and put processes in place so we become as good at doing this next thing as we are at building membership sites.

I want to continue doing a few things really, really well and selling and promoting only that.

Note to self: No I'm not lazy, but I've had habits that give me lazy productivity while working myself ragged.