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44 of 100 Laugh a Lot More

I work hard.  No one would accuse me of slacking.  But I take myself too seriously.  I get so busy with all I need to get done.  I don't relax and allow myself to have some fun.

Laughing, spending time with friends and family is what I really love to do.  I wasn't born into this world to work.   I have to work. I cannot escape that (not yet anyway).   I was born to have relationships, to enjoy time with other people, to give who I am to this world.  I really believe that.  Striking a balance isn't always easy.

On another note, relaxing, getting my mind off my work, taking it easy is good for my business.  I'm a consultant.  The service we offer is the creative use of our knowledge and expertise to solve customer issues.  We have to:

  • think,
  • come up with ideas,
  • explore how those ideas can work for a client, and
  • measure the results we get.

This requires that my team and I have clear thinking which isn't going to happen when you are tired, stressed and stretched too far.  So taking it easy, having fun, laughing and doing "non-work things" is plain ol' good business.

Note to self:  Laugh a lot more.