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49 of 100 Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Click here to watch a presentation illustrating (and poking fun at) what Ted Talk types do on stage.  It goes over how to act like "thought leader" on stage.  You'll see what he does as a speaker to manipulate that audience.  The guy says absolutely nothing  yet what he says, how he ways it and what he does on stage influences those watching him.

There's a really big difference between perceived as an expert and really being an expert.  My being good at something and people understanding and appreciating how good I am are NOT the same thing.  A big part of what I do for the online marketing work I do for my clients is to showcase a client's expertise.

This can be done different ways.  You can publish articles discussing issues and problems to be addressed.  You can record videos giving your expert opinion on something in the field.  You can write a book and secure speaking engagements where you get up in front of a room to address the audience.

One thing I do to promote myself  is answer question in online forums.  There are Facebook groups where people ask questions they need answered.  I engage with those people giving answers and sharing my experience with them.  Over time, people have recognized my expertise and it's led to my getting business.

Generating business is so critical to a starting business.  Becoming recognized as an expert by showcasing in public what you know goes a long way in getting you seen as the expert you really are.  That leads to business.

Note to self:  Toot your own horn.  No one else will.