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5 of 100 – Love Those Closest to You

My wife and I got married 31 years ago. We met in high school and have been married twice as long now as the time we didn't know each other before we met.

Has it been pure bliss all these years? No way. Have we gone through tough times together? You bet. There have even been times when I have wondered, "Why am I still doing this?"

With Mother's Day coming up, I am working to get her something nice. My daughters and I are planning a trip to the beach and a BBQ to make the day special for her. I make breakfast in bed for her every morning and we watch the morning news together. It's something simple we do as a couple.

You have to work at marriage to make it work. After relationships become the new normal, and it takes a few years for that to happen, things can get stale. You have to work at making the other person feel special so they don't feel taken for granted.

The fact that she has become so intimate a part of my life is what makes it so beautiful. But because she is so intimately a part of my life, I can easily forget she is there. I can allow the busyness of every day life to take over. I have to fight that tendency.

Note to self: Show the wife how much I love her daily