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50 of 100 Assume You’ll Use Plan B

My three daughters and I visited with my sister and her family in the Florida Keys. Wake boarding was the plan. I had a few runs and after I fell, I noticed the boat was taking forever to come back around.

When it finally came back around, my brother-in-law yelled, "Bring it in." Sofi, one of my daughters, had cut her head.

"Cut her head?" I thought. When I last fell, the ski rope sprung all the way back to the boat and smacked her in the head. It cut right behind the hairline. I've boated all my life and never would have thought that was possible. It was.

Two staples later, she's just fine, but boy did our plans change. We threw out Plan A (Enjoy time with the family in the Keys) and put Plan B into effect with a visit to the hospital.

When running my business, I never expect anything to go as planned. Employees will take a day off...unexpectedly. A well paying, happy customer will decide - with little notice - to use another vendor. Just about anything that can happen will.

I make a point of praying for the best, but preparing for the worse. I have to have a flexible attitude. When a disaster hits, look hard for the opportunity that emerges. I search for the upside behind every challenge. And if you remember that everyone up against you faces the same lack of predictability, it's a pretty level playing field. Everyone faces these up and downs. The team that works best under chaotic circumstances that does best.

Hope this helps.