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6 of 100 – Tell the People You Love, “I CARE”

When was the last time I told someone that I cared for them. When was the last time I did something that showed someone I care for them. I am so at home at my computer doing what I do best, that I stay on it more time than I should.

What's NOT natural for me is to pick up the phone to talk to someone. What takes effort on my part is to get in the car and go visit my aging parents or my even more aging grandfather. He's 95. It takes effort for me to stay in touch with life long friends. There are college buddy's I've known for ages and don't contact often enough. Visiting with them is fun because it's a vacation when I'm dedicated to doing that. But picking up the phone to get caught is not something I do.

Who are those special people in my life that I need to get in the habit of calling. Who is it that I can do a better job of staying in touch. I need to put in the effort so those people see that I really do care for them.