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8 of 100 – Hug Your Children

I enjoy children. I enjoyed raising my own who are now adults. I enjoy being with other people's kid. I look forward to grandchildren. (Not happening anytime soon.)

Back when Starbucks used to print slogans on their coffee cups, I ran into one that stuck with me. It was:

Do not kiss your children so they will kiss you back but so they will kiss their children, and their children's children - Noah benShea

This is so insightful.  When you think of what you can do today to impact the future, working, playing and interacting with children can be massive.  Their thinking is still developing.  They have fewer formed opinions.  They are impressionable.  They appreciate adult attention.

You don't usually get feedback on the impact you make on kids.  The something you said or did, and maybe don't even remember, could have been earth shattering to that child.  You rarely know what stuck. On the few occasions you hear someone tell you, "What you told me when I was young made this and that difference in my life."  The different you can make is hard to tell, but it's there.

Find yourself a kid and make a friend of them.  See what a difference you can make in their life.