Get our Breakthough Course Building System

Let's Get You Past the Roadblocks

We've built a Memberium / LearnDash building how-to program using the same training materials we use to train our internal membership site building team members. This is the same great material that's enabled our team to become the most sought after membership site building team in the Infusionsoft community. 

We've built a solid consulting practice and want to offer this for anyone wanting to:

  • Build a membership site for themselves
  • Build a membership site for a client
  • Train a team member in Memberium membership site building
  • Add Memberum membership site building as an offering for their practice
  • Get Memberium Implementation Partner Certified.

Once you join our program, we'll install a copy of our "Perfect Starter Kit Site" in your environment. This is a 100% fully functioning Memberium membership site using the same Infusionsoft campaigns we use  when we build actual customer sites.  It will make use of Memberium’s free test license which limits the site to 20 members.  This is great for starters and there's no cost.

Upon completion of this program, a program you can easily complete in a three weeks, you will have gotten:

  • 1
    Training content and videos showing you how we built the site so you can build a replica of the site on your own. (This is a big one for those wanting to learn and get certified.)
  • 2
    Training content and videos for building two different types of My Account pages. This is essential for subscription memberships so members can view their invoices, pay unpaid invoices and update credit card information.
  • 3
    Training content and videos for building Umbrella / Parent Child account features. We include Umbrella / Parent Child account features in your installation of The Perfect Starter Site we install for you. This is not usually included. You will need a Memberium Pro version for this to work, but otherwise I’ll be sharing with you exactly how we build these features into our sites.
  • 4
    Unlimited email access to me and a private Facebook group where you can communicate with me and others using the program.
  • 6
    As an additional bonus, I'm including "secret sauce" techniques we use for delivering the advanced features often requested by our clients.

You get all the instruction our membership site builder gets when they start with us at our firm. You will get exactly what they get so you can build the same high functioning, easy to maintain and scale membership sites we deliver for our customers.

You can click here to get full overview of the "Perfect Starter Kit Site" we'll be installing into your environment.

The comprehensive approach used by these guys to build membership sites, along with the best practices they recommend, are extremely helpful for those new to the process.  They've kept us from heading in the wrong direction time and time again.  Grateful for Jorge and the team!

Joshua Randolf,  Alpharetta, GA

As a partner focused on working with clients to build their business, we rely on Jorge and his team for membership website work. They know Memberium, Infusionsoft and have best practices that keep us looking like pros. We give it to them and just forget about it. It couldn't be easier and I can't recommend anyone more!

Jamie Gilleland
Misyte, CEO, Statesboro, GA