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Exploring the Magic Behind Memberium Parent Child Accounts

When you build as many Memberium sites as we do, you run into client requests that force you to learn tool features you didn't even know existed. Over the years, we have had several clients needing to migrate over sets of users to Memberium making use of Umbrella or Parent/Child accounts. This feature enables administrators to manages access for their members. They can add and remove users from an overall administration account.

What has happened on several occasions is that you have to move over a large number of these sets of users and requiring clients administrators to manually add members is too cumbersome. So what you need is a way to upload clients, connect them to their respective parent accounts with the right membership access.

In this video, I demystify how Memberium connects parents to their child accounts and show you how you can make those connections post the import of users and have them work perfectly when your administrator logs in.


Let me know what you think. Are you needing additional information to help you put this to work in your membership site?