Family Encounter Information and Application

My wife and I grew up in the youth group run by the “Encuentros Familiares.”  It is a Spanish language family retreat program, that’s still running today in Miami, founded by Jesuit priest Fr. Florentino Azcoitia.   He’s the priest that married us 29 years ago.

We have banded together with fellow “Encuentros Familiares” friends Jorge (Yoyi) and Elsy Gomez to translate the program into English and recruit a team that will launch the first English language Family Encounter the weekend of February 8 and 9.

What is a “Family Encounter?”  It’s a chance for families, with children in middle school and high school  to spend a weekend together learning about their:

  • relationship with each other,
  • relationship with themselves, and
  • relationship with God.

The end goal is to center the family and with the help of our Lord, make the family work better.

Because the program was only available in Spanish, we were NOT able to reap the benefits our parents gained from this program raising their families.  We wish we had had this.  So we are wanting to get this program running so our children and others can have this precious retreat program.

If you would like more information, please reach out to Elizabeth Diaz Perez at 305-310-6486 /

Click here for Family Encounter application.


In His Love,

Jorge Lazaro Diaz