7 Guiding Principles for Building a Money-Making Membership Site

Here's my gift to you.  It's my explanation of the 7 guiding principles my team and I follow when building client membership sites.  These short and simple explanations will keep you from mistakes that:

  • limit sales,
  •  make updating content difficult, and
  • increase the difficulty of running the site long term.

And these are principles that will keep you from troubles that will come up later and typically require a lot of time and money to fix.

I'm sharing it with you so you can:

  • Get your site up quickly on a predictable schedule
  • Maximize member experience so they keep coming back
  • Increase additional purchases from your highly satisfied members

Here are the titles of the seven principles:

  • Principle 1 - Please Don't Read the Documentation
  • Principle 2 - You Need 3 Websites, But It's Not As Hard As You Think.
  • Principle 3 - Make Your Membership Site a List Builder, Lead and Revenue Generator
  • Principle 4: Organize Your Membership Content So It Captivates Your Audience
  • Principle 5: Package Your Membership Site So It's 100% Focused on Selling
  • Principle 6: Make an Awesome Membership Site First Impression
  • Principle 7: Give Them Reasons to Be Hyper-Active on Your Site