First Timer's Guide to

Building Membership Sites

Includes the 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Here's my gift to you.  It's my mini-course where I explain the 7 mistakes first timers often make that cost them wasted effort, time they don't have and money.  The course keeps you from the mistakes that:

  • limit sales,
  •  make updating content difficult, and
  • increase the difficulty of running the site long term.

And these are mistakes you don't know you've made until much later.  By then, recovering from them is time consuming and expensive to fix.

Get my FREE mini-course which includes the 7 Mistakes You Want to Avoid at All Cost.   

I'm sharing it with you so you can:

  • Get your site up quickly on a predictable schedule
  • Maximize member experience so they keep coming back
  • Increase additional purchases from your highly satisfied members

Here are the titles of the seven mini-course chapters:

  • Lesson 1 - Please Don't Read the Documentation
  • Lesson 2 - A Review of Site Designs That Work So Much Better Than Others
  • Lesson 3 - Make Your Membership Site a List Builder, Lead and Revenue Generator
  • Lesson 4: Organize Your Membership Content So It Captivates Your Audience
  • Lesson 5: Package Your Membership Site So It's 100% Focused on Selling
  • Lesson 6: Make an Awesome Membership Site First Impression
  • Lesson 7: Give Them Reasons to Be Hyper-Active on Your Site