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1 of 100 – Kick the Worry Habit

There's a prayer breakfast every Friday morning at our church. It's a group I've attended on and off for years. Well recently, it's been more off than on. This weekend, my daughter's attending a retreat and, on a whim (or by divine inspiration), I attended.

The speaker this week was Larry Barfield. He's a customer of mine who for many years ran a retail sporting good business. He told us how sharing his faith at work, often to people who are flat out non-believers, allowed him to see miracles.

He shared how a customer was cured from facial paralysis resulting from surgery she had to remove a tumor. She later had a relapse and her tumor disappeared after clearly appearing in a scan.

His challenge to us was to commit ourselves to stop worrying. If God can cure this woman from paralysis and cancer, how much more easily can He enable us business owners to:

  • Meet payroll.
  • Close that big customer deal.
  • Find the right talent members.

He asked us to commit to a 30 day plan to eliminate worry from our lives because it does no one any good and sucks peace of mind from us. Instead entrust to God, who is all powerful, all these things that are are so clearly outside of our control.