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2 of 100 – NO! The Sky Is NOT Falling

A long time friend of mine and I were encouraging another guy who was struggling. My friend told him, "Staying strong spiritually is like working out. You've got to stress the muscle, sometimes to the breaking point. It responds by getting stronger."

That stayed with me. As a business owner, I struggle more than I like. Sometimes it gets frustrating. I mean really, really frustrating. "Why is this so hard?" I ask. Well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If it was easy, I wouldn't be growing, getting stronger and understanding how I can get better than I am.

If I'm honest with myself, I can see how God has been present in my struggles. I've made things worse by worrying, panicking and not trusting that God will handle all that is out of my control. Over and over again I've seen how faithful he's been to me, but while in the middle of it I'm fearing these worse case scenarios.

Note to self: If I could jump out of "Chicken Little the sky is falling mode" running my life would be so much easier.