Building Memberium Membership Sites Is SOOOO Easy...


We build 3 to 4 Memberium websites a month.  We've developed best practices and a process for building these sites and we'll put that to work for you.  We'll include features in your membership site you didn't even know you needed.  
Take a look at our secret sauce features described below that are all included.  Once you see these, you'll say, "How would I have gotten by without this?"  
Let us get this done for you right . . .THE FIRST TIME!

Larry Jacob

Incredibly Powerful Memberium Website

Standard Features You're Gonna Need

  • A Memberium membership website with three membership levels. This will holds three separate courses, sections of content or three of whatever it is you offer your members.  If you only need one, don't worry. We'll set these up and hide 'em so they are ready for when you do need them.
  • An attractively formatted page layout for displaying videos, images, copy and other materials for each of your membership levels. All this is done securely, of course, so prying eyes don't get at it.
  • We'll build the opt-in forms or order forms you'll need to give your members access. Opt-in forms will give access to a lead magnet or whatever you offer for free. Order forms will be for selling your paid content and can be configured to accept one-time payments with or without payment plans, promo codes, recurring payment subscriptions and other standard e-commerce features offered by Infusionsoft.
  • An Infusionsoft new member welcome campaign, sending out introductory email messages, delivering login credentials and providing autologin links (optionally) for easy, no hassle access to your content.
  • A My Accounts page where members can update their name, address, phone number, etc. They can update their passwords here, too. Update credit card features will be included membership content offers with recurring subscription payments.  (More on this below.)
  • A contact us page enabling members to contact you or your team members to ask questions, provide feedback or send you comments. This will be implemented as an Infusionsoft campaign web form.

Professional Visual Design (You must look your best!)

  • A professionally designed and visually appealing Wordpress membership website design. The site will be designed to match your existing logo, color scheme and business look and feel.
  • Your members arrive at the home page to find a promotional banner (similar to the Infusionsoft login page) with a fully functioning login form with "forgot password" link in case they can't remember.
  • A top of site navigation bar providing menu access to your home page, membership content areas, My Account and Contact Us pages. This menu will change dynamically so members get to their content.  Clicks by non-members will take them to a sales page where they can learn more and purchase the item.  (It's all about up-selling here.)
  • A highly functioning dashboard welcoming members after they log in. This can be configured to include additional video, images and copy to meet your needs. The highlight of this page will selector links members can use to get access to each membership level's content.

Secret Sauce Stuff (You need this even if you didn't know it.)

  • ​Dashboard selectors are configured to display in grey with a padlock icon for members that don't have access. We call this the forbidden fruit tease.  We dangle it out there for them to see.  Clicking these links will take members to a corresponding sales page where they can learn more and purchase the item.
  • An Infusionsoft customer service campaign administrators can use to give and remove access. This comes standard with all the membership sites we build.  We want to give you an effortless membership site management experience.
  • For recurring payment subscription, you'll want automated expiring credit card and declined credit card handlers. We'll make sure the system sends reminders when card will soon expire. We'll set up handlers to message when a payment fails.  These messages will have links to forms where they can correct the issue with no one needing to get involved. Our goal is to automate as much of the collection process as possible.

Some Tech Stuff You'll Need

  • ​You're going to need hosting (duh!). If you already have hosting supported by Memberium, we'll set it up for you.  If you don't, we'll set you up with our recommended provider for $30 a month. We will use our affiliate link and make a few bucks and will make sure you get you super performance, 24/7 support and high reliability.
  • We'll configure your DNS so your domain (that's your www name) brings up the site we build for you.  We'll handle all these difficult configuration steps. If you don't have a domain, we'll show you how to get one.  Domains typically run $15 a year.
  • You're going to need Memberium, of course.  All the work to configure Memberium is 100% included. The license is not. If you have a license, we'll put that to use.  If not, we'll ask for a credit card we can use to purchase it for you.  We'll use our affiliate link to get it for you at their published price.
  • We recommend using Fortapay, if you're offering recurring payment subscription memberships. Our price to set it up is the same, but you'll have an additional $29 a month charge from them.  It provides a more elegant interface for your My Accounts page and include features for reviewing past invoices and paying new ones.  Your development lead will review this with you on our initial call.

What We'll Need From You

  • ​We're assuming you'll add the content. We include taking a representative number of pages in each membership level and configuring it for you. Our goal is to show you how to assemble a page using the very attractive visual layout we've created for you. Adding mountains of content for each of your three membership levels is not included. We can do this for you and given how efficient our virtual assistants are, you'll find this price very reasonable. But this is something we would quote separately.
  • We can assist with copy writing, graphic design, image selection from stock photo libraries and video production. That would be quoted separately too.
  • Your plan for making your free and paid content available on the site. How much will your charge? Is it a pay once get access forever or will you offer it up as a subscription that stops when a member stops paying? We can definitely coach and consult with you on the approach that works best? That would be quote separately.
  • Video hosting. If you have video content, you have to host it some where. Our recommended platform is Vimeo Professional.  There are other options as well.  It makes it easy for you to upload content going forward and is completely secure using Memberium best practices. We'll get this for you with no mark up. We won't even use an affiliate link.

“This comprehensive approach to building a members sites used by these guys and the best practices they recommend are the way to go if you've never built one of these.  It's not that it's difficult.  It's that you don't build one of these every day.  These guys do.  Thanks to Jorge and the team."