The Infusionsoft Certified Consultant Issue

It’s tough to find qualified Infusionsoft help.  There aren’t enough Infusionsoft Certified Consultants to adequately support all the Infusionsoft users out there. The number of Infusionsoft customers has exploded due to the popularity of the system and clients are scrambling to find the vendors that can do all the things they need done.

What exactly is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant.  These are qualified individuals that have developed Infusionsoft expertise.  They understands the technology.  They understands marketing and they understand the Internet and how it integrated with Infusionsoft.

But one thing that often overlooked is that an Infusionsoft Certified Consultants that doesn’t have the ability to behave in a professional manner is worthless.  They have to understand that a customer needs much more than technology and marketing consulting expertise. They need someone that has some common courtesy like return a phone calls.  What a concept?

How much is a knowledgeable InfusionSoft Certified Consultant worth to you?  How much is a whole team of these Infusionsoft Certified Consultants with Internet marketing savvy worth to you?  How about ones that are professional and return phone calls and email messages and stay in touch and deliver on what they promise.

This means having access to consultants that can not only get Infusionsoft producing for you, but making the most of it when you integrate it with other tools like WordPress, OptimizePress, iMember360, CustomerHub and Evergreen Business Systems.

Would having access to an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant  enable you to grow your revenue, increase profits and expand your business?

The Larry Jacob Internet Group team of Infusionsoft consultants have decided to NOT apply and take the Infusionsoft’s certification test mainly because it’s time consuming.  It requires a full week in Pheonix away from customers that need our support.  It doesn’t provide any additional learning needed by our experts that have already acquired the skills.  And it’s expensive.  It costs $2,000 to get the certification without the travel costs and time away from customer cost that can be significant.

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