"3 Reasons Your Online Course Won't Sell and How to Fix That

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As an expert, you know the most valuable thing you have to offer is your knowledge. And that’s why you’ve chosen to create a powerful online course. There’s just one little problem…

Creating and selling courses is a LOT harder than most people think.

In my 18 years of experience, I've seen first hand the expensive mistakes made by first time course creators. It’s not uncommon for blood, sweat and tears to sales. And far too many experts give up before they even complete their course.

But we’ve got good news! You’re invited to join us for a 20 minute webinar where we reveal:

  • The market research needed to guarantee your course is a success
  • Our system for deciding which course materials to give away for free and which ones to include in your paid offering
  • The critical role content organization plays in helping your course takers “get it”
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    The technology you NEED to optimize the learning experience
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    How to overcome your prospect’s biggest buying obstacles
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    And much more!

Presenter: Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Membership Site Builder / Expert

Ultimately, we’ll show you what it takes to launch an online course that sells easily, works technically, and generates incredible profits!

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