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#7 Let’s Discuss the Power of Collaborating Competitors

You will often see competitors competing viscously for business working hard to keep others out. An alternative is to instead work side-by-side on projects collaborating with each other leveraging each other’s strengths. The learning potential and improvements to the end customer deliverable can be impressive.

This week Jorge talks to guest Lee Dale who’s business partnered with him on a large project that leaned hard on their specialties and made for a much better final customer solution than they would have had otherwise. They talk about that and the communities that have helped them as small entrepreneurial business owners.


Lee Dale works with leaders to improve technology decision-making, increase market engagement, and grow operational effectiveness. The result: market-leading products and services that win diverse markets.

In addition to his advisory and volunteer work supporting the next generation of diverse professionals and business leaders, Lee is CEO at Say Yeah, a digital management consultancy that helps public and private-sector organizations plan, design, and deliver exceptional digital products.

Consulting website:

Business website:

Personal twitter: @leedaleyyz