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BuddyBoss Powered Learning Communities

Enhancing a learning environment with an engaged community is great for increasing online course completion rates. Studies show clearly that less than 10% of people that start a course will ever finish it. That means a lot of great course course content built by some smart people is going to waste. No one is ever seeing it.

Building a learning community along with your learning materials pulls your learners out of the Lone Ranger mode. You invite them into a group or learning tribe that together is focused on a common goal.

That's a difference.

The Larry Jacob Internet Marketing team has been working with BuddyBoss for years. Check out our founder's, Jorge Diaz's first BuddyBoss video blog, "BuddyBoss & LearnDash Communities for Better E-Learning" dated October 2017 as proof of how long we've been at it.

For over six years, our team has been working with small business owners to build communities of all kinds with BuddyBoss. We've learned a lot about how to best use the platform and what are the best practices that get learning site owners the best results.

Of course, this means our team has experience using the other solutions designed to make BuddyBoss learning sites even better. This include tools like Keap/Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Memberium, LearnDash and all the add-on tools that make learning sites effective by LearnDash enhancement providers like Uncanny Owl and WisdmLabs.

Contact us to discuss your project to see how we can put our years of experience to work for you.