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Absolute Essentials for an Effective Online Presentation – Part 2

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 65
Guest: Robert Vico

Online presentations are difficult. You have to capture someone's attention. You have to compete with all the distractions. You have to connect with your viewer and, if all goes well, get them to take action.

In this episode, Jorge speaks to Robert Vico of Outrageous Promotions. He runs his own online program called, "Help, Rob! My Marketing Sucks." Rob goes over his 29 step formula for building an effectively online presentation. It isn't enough to record a presentation that works well when given in person. The dynamics of an online audience won't stick around and listen. You have to follow proven best practices and that's where Rob's expertise comes in.

Robert mentions a number of resources in his presentation. Anyone wanting his eBook on writing guarantees can visit You can get his eBook on writing headline at Those interested in creating outrageously effective marketing using the power of the 22 $BILLION DOLLAR promotional products industry can visit

You can reach Rob at or 305-888-7301