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Are Miami’s Frigid Winters Like Your Customers Are to You?

People up north experiencing frigid temps (like -20 degrees F) don't understand how we South Floridians look at the 50 degree lows we get and think, “It's freezing.” The same thing happens to northerners when thinking about us facing hurricanes. We look at each other’s situation through our own eyes and think how can the other one endure it.

It's really difficult to put ourselves in someone else's shoes especially when we've never experienced what they have.

We can easily do the same with our customers. We have a level of expertise that far exceeds that of our customers. The same expertise that makes us good at what we do taints or contaminates our perspective. This makes it difficult to understand what keeps our best customers up at night. It keeps us from seeing what worries them, frustrates them and what in their business and their lives is their biggest challenge.

That can lead to our completely missing how we can reach them with our solution. We have a solution, but we describe it in such a way that our ideal customer either never notice or does notice and says, "So what."

How can we overcome this gap and intimately connect with our ideal client's biggest issue so our sale meets their wildest dreams.