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BuddyBoss App Is a Great Pick For Launching Your First Mobile App

I wrote my first BuddyBoss blog article in 2017. That's how long my team and I have been working with it on customer projects.

Four years back, I started watching their BuddyBoss App project closely. Given our work with membership and online course sites, I saw that as a huge addition to offer customers. Who wouldn't want to make their membership or online course site available as a mobile app?

Last Spring 2023, we decided to launch our practice offering BuddyBoss App services and we've been very happy with it. So have our customers. Building a mobile app using the BuddyBoss App, compared to what it would take to build one from scratch, is a walk in the park. It's especially attractive when compared what it would cost to build a mobile app and we know because that is a service we provide.

I expand on this in the video that follows.

BuddyBoss App Developer Reviewing BuddyBoss App