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BuddyBoss Developer Advice: Time Is More Expensive Than Money for ALL Small Business Owners

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Years before I became the BuddyBoss developer, I was working corporate jobs using my software engineering expertise. I started off as a programmer building operating systems. I then went into consulting positions where I built large solutions for customers managing teams of sharp technical team members with all sorts of expertise.

I had never run my own business. I had zero experience doing that.

I did have expertise building websites. I did have a small flow of small business owner that needed me to build them website. I had “something” that kind-of, could-have become a business, but I was so busy with my day job, my side hustle and raising my family, that I was just taking a step at a time with no real plan.

I was headed for a difficult, time consuming task of forming a business out of nothing without the proper resources.

BuddyBoss Developer Tells You How He Got Past Some Roadblocks

Shortly before launching my Larry Jacob Internet Marketing business, I met with a colleague for breakfast. I was sharing with her a big find I had made. It was a new tool I had discovered.

This was way before my BuddyBoss developer days. BuddyBoss developer thinking was still 8 years away. The tool I had discovered was Infusionsoft, since then renamed Keap. It could solve a big problem I was having, and some of my customers were having, with email marketing. I knew I just had to learn it.

My colleague seeing my excitement and passion about the tool, interrupted me. She had heard how much Infusionsoft could mean to me and my business. She heard me complain about how difficult it would be to attend a user conference that was coming up. I didn’t have the money and vacation time, yada yada yada.

Her advice was sharp. She said, “If you need to go to that conference, you go to that conference.” She wasn’t taking my excuses and all but ordered me to figure out a way to go.

I was taken back. I was a bit shocked, but it was one of those moments that changed me. It is what led to my eventually launching my business.

I did figure out a way to go. It was there that I met a person that became a huge mentor to me. I share all this in my video blog.  I joined his mastermind group where I signed up to learn Infusionsoft from experts. I decided my current trial and error method I had been using wasn’t going to work.

What I learned from my colleague and from my mastermind group mentor is that running a small business is a lonely work. You are stuck in your head and you need outsiders to peak into your world with objective advice. You need to surround yourself with people with expertise you don’t have so they can get you past your blindspots.

What I needed was advice on how to run a business. I needed mentors to get me past my  learning curves as an Infusionsoft/Keap developer and later as a LearnDash and BuddyBoss deverloper.

We all have shortcoming that we need to overcome. Finding and listening to expert advice from others is something you cannot do without.

In my video, I share a lot more about this journey of mine. I hope it helps you with yours.