BuddyBoss Guru Advice on Successful Project Building

Why Hire a BuddyBoss Guru Team for Your Project?

We have assembled a BuddyBoss guru team here at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing. We’ve established extensive experience using the platform to build top quality learning sites as well as standalone BuddyBoss community sites for servicing the needs our our customers.

BuddyBoss GuruWe run into a lot of business owners that take on BuddyBoss solo. Instead of bringing on a BuddyBoss guru team like ours, they try it do it on their own. It’s not that it isn’t doable. It’s that the chances that someone building their first BuddyBoss site and doing a great job are pretty low. What we find is one of the following scenarios:

  1. They spend a lot of time and effort and get a solution that works, but falls short of their expectation.
  2. They get it working and miss out because they haven’t yet learned best practices that make the solution as effective as possible.
  3. They really struggle, make some headway, but don’t quite finish the project.

In most of these cases, they become great customers for us. Their doing the work on their own worked as a good learning experience and they have a huge appreciation for what they don’t know. They now look forward to tapping into the expertise of our BuddyBoss guru team to get things done right.

BuddyBoss is a solution that’s been around for several years. They started off as a community featured project which has always worked well with LearnDash as their preferred LMS. They now support other platforms.

The problem many first timers run into is that BuddyBoss has so many features. It’s intended to give you much more than any one site builder is going to need. The problem then is first timer builders don’t know what to turn off. They leave the default menu system BuddyBoss delivers out of the box and keep them all on.

I recently started working on a BuddyBoss site that was built by a first timer. I spend several hours just turning off features they were not using. BuddyBoss comes configured with a right side dropdown menu with no less than 15 menu items. It provides you with easy access to every feature you can provide for your community site members. I have yet to run into any one site builder that makes use of any more that 4 to 6 of them.

BuddyBoss provides a very Facebook like activity feed that functions a lot like the standard discussion thread you see on a Facebook profile. I can have my own activity feed that I can use to publish anything I want. That is where I have my interaction with others using the site. The site owner can create a site wide activity feed where general member activities get displayed. Think of that as a Facebook page which isn’t attached to any member.

BuddyBoss enables you to create groups that members can visit and those then can have their own activities feeds.  They are easy to use and intuitive if you’ve organized your site properly. The big “if” is that you organize the site properly and keep it from overwhelming your members.

We are a big fan of the platform both as a super complement to learning sites and also as a communication platform on it’s own. Let me describe several ways our customers have used BuddyBoss to service their customers:

  1. One of our customers is a Colorado based residential real estate firm. They use the platform to communicate with their team of 100+ real estate agents. Different team members take on topics where they have expertise. They publish lessons of all types using blogs and courses. There are groups that all members belong to, but each realtor can also choose from the many groups available on the site based on their interests. For example, newer realtors might join the groups with information on how to get your business started. Others might want to join groups discussing how to get your paperwork in order. They allow you to join and leave groups as you see fit. That way each member customizes the information they get which can obviously change over time.
  2. One of our customer has build a Christian dating site. Members work on their profiles just like you might your Facebook profile with pictures, cover page and your activity feed. The idea of connecting or “friending” other members before you can communicate is built into BuddyBoss. (The Colorado real estate sets all members up as connected and friended to each other. They don’t need to ask permission before they can communicate with each other.) Once you are connected, you make use of BuddyBoss’ member-to-member communication features which include messaging features, emailing and an activity feed.

The way I describe these here sounds straight forward, but there are so many options. This allows BuddyBoss to meet the needs of so many potential customers, but getting these adjusted so its right for each specific need takes plenty of work.

And working with a BuddyBoss guru team will be a big benefit getting you to the best possible solution for you while bypassing the frustrations you’ll otherwise experience.