Evergreen and Infusionsoft Experts to Solve Your Problem

Evergreen Business Systems (EBS) is a live webinar simulator that’s well integrated into InfusionSoft.  When used together, Infusionsoft and Evegreen enable you to get your messages out there while providing you visibility to who is registering for your webinar, attending and/or dropping out of your webinar early.

This frees you up to do other things.  It also gives you the opportunity to run several takes, publish your webinar, select the one that turned out the best and make that the webinar you present going forward.

Our Larry Jacob Internet Group experts understand the marketing, video/audio production, copy and script writing and other Internet disciplines to get your webinar up and running fast matching your exact needs of your business.

Click here to take a look at Larry’s review of Evergreen Business System and how you can use it to better promote your business”