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Evergreen Business System Webinar Simulator Has Gotten Even Better

Working with several dozen Infusionsoft users wanting to use Evergreen Business System to grow their business has made one thing extremely clear to me. A lot of these users need real practical help to bring their marketing and automation plans to life.

IMHO, Infusionsoft made a great move when they announced at InfusionCon that all new licenses would require the Kickstart Service. This added a set up cost to Infusionsoft with coaching to guide and orient them, but without this many users were floundering never getting much benefit from Infusionsoft.

I’ve done the equivalent of Infusionsoft’s Kickstart Service for my clients many times over. In my case, it always includes a set of web forms and campaigns designed to get my clients results fast. I set up a foundation for launching a strong first step to get my clients moving in the right direction.

This typically involves something like the following:

  • Running a launch of some sort promoting the company or its offerings to an exist list of contacts.
  • Setting up a campaign to grow a new list of contacts for promoting their products and services.
  • Promoting an online event and using InfusionSoft to manage registration, send out reminders and follow up emails.
  • Making use of WordPress sites to funnel people into Infusionsoft campaigns.

What I have found is that once these campaigns launch, the customer needs continued support. They need someone familiar with their environment to help them with things like these.

  • Creating new email templates with corresponding tags for new campaigns and follow up sequences.
  • Setting up new web forms for new event registration forms similar to ones they have previously run.
  • Running daily, weekly or monthly reports showing the progress of leads through their sales funnel.
  • Watching the effectiveness of different campaigns, possibly through split testing and making adjustments to maximize opt-ins      and conversions.

A lot of people call this sort of work “busy” or “admin” work, but it’s work that is critical for the success of any campaign.  And it’s work that needs to be completed by someone that knows Infusionsoft and how to make use of the all the features Infusionsoft brings to the table.

And there’s a downside to doing it the wrong way. What are the sorts of things have I seen?

  • I’ve seen people misconfigure a follow up sequence so reminders and follow up messages needed by people attending their events were never sent. (This really killed attendance.)
  • I’ve seen Infusionsoft users annoy the heck out of very happy customers by continuing to send them promotional emails for products they already purchased.
  • I’ve seen customers embarrass themselves by sending out a poorly worded email messages or the wrong email message altogether because they just didn’t have enough practice using the system to avoid some snag.

I’d like to tell you more, but what I instead recommend is you –> click here <–to jump on our contact us page to call us or send us an email message. We’ll get right back to you to discuss how we believe we can get you moving towards the results you need for you business.



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