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Offering FREE E-Books Is a Great Way to Find New Customers

Everyone loves a freebie. Companies give away everything from free samples of their product, to 30 minutes free consultations to all sorts of corporate gifts. They're all designed to entice the propects to buy and existing customers to buy some more.

Of course, in order for any type of freebie to achieve its aim, it has to be valuable to the recipient. Knowledge is something most people want and need. That is why offering a free e-books on a subject related to the product or service you offer can be so effective for generating new leads.

Like well-written blog articles, e-books are a great way for you to build your brand and showcase your expertise. It builds confidence and trust, not to mention its a super way to drive traffic to your website which is good for any search engine optimization campaign. Those who visit your site to download the free e-book are demonstrating their interest in what you offer so you've got yourself qualified lead.

If you are not thrilled about writing or simply don’t have the time to write your own e-book, then getting hiring a writer to do it for you is very affordable. All your business then needs to do is promote the e-book through various methods.

Let's go over a few ways you can promote them:


Promote Your Blog Articles via Email

I have built a great following of people who get email messages announcing when we have published a blog article on my site.   It's very simple.  You publish the blog article and send out an email with short paragraph describing the article and a link where they can find it.


Promote Your Articles via Facebook

Make sure you have a good picture and post it on your site.  People are used to hearing from you on Facebook.  It's a good idea to promote your book to all these people so they can consider downloading it or tell their friends about it.


Promote Your Article via Twitter

If you already have a Twitter feed, put it out there as well.  Use hashtags to your advantage to see if you can get your articles in front of people wanting what you have to offer.

Promote It via LinkedIn

Linkedin is a great way to promote it, but even more important is publishing it via Linkedin Groups specializing in the topic you cover.  This is definitely a great way to promote it to people with an interest.

These are only a few ways.  We use these techniques effectively to generate leads for our own business and do so for our customers as well.  It works.

Let us know how we can help.


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