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Defining Infusionsoft Success – Episode 8

Facebook advertising, with the precision targeting now available, is a big step forward for reaching your audience. Used in combination with email, it gives you the ability to target the same people already on your email list. This is huge given that even a good list has an open rate around 20%. Add re-targeting to that and this is something all businesses should consider.

In this week's program, I'm speaking to Kim Snider. I've known her a while from her role in the API Guys business she sold. I met her for the first time in person at November's PartnerCon meeting at Infusionsoft headquarter. She is responsible for triggering an "ah-hah" for me. I had NOT gotten that Facebook advertising can be used along with email to target the exact same people I'm targeting via email with Infusionsoft.

Kim has become the expert on this and we go over this in our discussion.

You can reach Kim via her company website Sync2CRM. Click here to use my affiliate link if you do make a purchase and use promo code LJIM20 to get a 20% discount. She's got an upcoming Facebook Ads Training coming up that I may be attending. You can learn about that at

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Tony Bonifacic Reply

Great interview, wish I was ready to opt in to this. Hopefully, we will be able to sign up soon thanks to the great website you built for me. We’ll be putting the final touches on it and launching soon. This FB connection seems tailor made to drive some business. Thanks for your help Jorge…can’t wait to launch.

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