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How Much Will Infusionsoft Cost Me? I Mean Really

In this article, I give you an overview of the real costs of acquiring Infusionsoft and putting it to work in your business. The price for Infusionsoft itself very straight forward. It will run you from $199 to $300 or so monthly depending upon the features you request.

It is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when purchasing Infusionsoft that matters most.  This will include a discussion of:

  • the cost of purchasing Infusionsoft from an approved Infusionsoft reseller (Which is a much better options than purchasing it directly from Infusionsoft),
  • the cost of acquiring the needed skills your team will need to use it day in and day out to carry out their sales and operational duties, and
  • the cost of getting a set of Infusionsoft campaigns configured, tested and rolled out into a solution that will get you the lead generation, marketing automation and cost savings that are likely motivating you to purchase Infusionsoft.

Purchasing from Infusionsoft vs. a Reseller

When you buy Infusiosoft from Infusionsoft, you get a Kickstart.  I know a number of Infusionsoft's Success Coaches and what the provide you is four sessions providing you with an overview of the system. They introduce you to their library of pre-written campaigns and orients you on how to leverage those libraries and Infusionsoft in general for use in your business.

It is NOT a consulting engagement. It does not include an analysis of your business needs with a recommended plan of action for addressing those needs. It does NOT include researching your market and circumstances and a review of best practices for driving traffic to Infusionsoft powered opt-in or landing page.

What could be advantageous to any business owner, is to find a partner that can sell you Infusionsoft as part of an engagement that does all that.  The benefit with that approach is you leverage the knowledge of an experienced Marketing Automation consulting team.  They can provide you with a strategic plan and implementation services. That would include getting Infusionsoft and a list of other supporting technologies and services working together so you get the solution you need.

In my experience, this sort of consulting engagement depending upon the complexity of the solution you are needing will start at $3,200 and go as high as $12,000 or more.

Infusionsoft is a very complete and comprehensive solution. It isn't something that should be done by anyone who doesn't have expert skills using Infusionsoft and additional services like:

  • Internet marketing,
  • Wordpress websites,
  • iMember360 or Memberium if you need membership site features,
  • OptimizePress or LeadPages for building effective opt-in and landing pages and
  • Evergreen Business Systems or Stealth Seminar for webinar automation.

Training Your Team

You don't need to build an internal team of Infusionsoft experts. You should consider developing team members that have a strong understanding of how to use Infusionsoft. That will enable you to work well with an outside team and become an informed participant in developing the requirements for the solution you need.

Our team has developed our Infusionsoft Learning Roadmap. It's what we give all our newbee web development team members to familiarize them with Infusionsoft. It gives a list of the Infusionsoft training videos we want our team members to review to quickly come up to speed on the product.

We do have clients that outsource their entire Infusionsoft operation and Internet solutions to our team. We provide ongoing virtual assistant services for clients that prefer that option. This plays into the cost of running Infusionsoft and should be entered into your analysis so you have a real Total Cost of Owners (TCO) for the project you want to roll out.

Building the Campaigns and Solution You Need

It is unrealistic to believe that with a short Infusionsoft Kickstart, a sharp techie can take on Infusionsoft and do a good job of making it productive quickly in your business. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I've got over two decades of experience developing solutions as a consultant for companies like IBM, KPMG Consulting, Bank of America, American Express, Subways Restaurants, and many others.

When I decided to focus our then website development practice on addressing the needs of Infusionsoft customers, I hired a mentor, Bob Britton Infusionsoft's 2010 Ultimate Markerter. I hired Micah Mitchell who at the time was a principal at iMember360.  He is now one of the principals at Memberium.  I invested tens of thousands of dollar and hundreds of hours over three years to develop not only the technical Infusionsoft skills, but the marketing automation needed by small business owners.

It's this build up of knowledge leading to experience in best practices in this field that enables me to build Infusionsoft based solutions that get our customers results.


Infusionsoft is a super solution for small businesses wanting to grow online sales and automate. I wouldn't have dedicated our business to it if I didn't fully believe in all that Infusionsoft delivers. It isn't something you should take on without expert help. May I recommend reaching out to us using the contact us for on the left.

This outlines the real Infusionsoft cost of ownership. I am convinced that with the right support, the benefits in increased sales and reduced costs will far outweigh any costs / investments you make in your Infusionsoft projects.

Hope this helps.

This is a previous article written on the same topic of Infusionsoft pricing.  It's a good follow up to this other article.

Infusionsoft pricing is very straight forward. Infusionsoft comes in several different flavors providing you with either a subset or the complete set features provided by the service.

Here is a list of the packages we as an Infusionsoft reseller can provide to you:

  • Essentials - It costs you $219 a month for 3 users / 5,000 contacts / 12,500 emails
  • Deluxe Sales - It will costs you $299 a month for 4 users / 5,000 contacts / 25,000 emails and includes e-commerce features
  • Deluxe E-Commerce costs you $299 a month for 4 seats / 5,000 contacts / 25,000 emails contacts and includes sales automation features
  • Complete costs you $399 a month for 5 seats / 10,000 contacts / 25,000 emails contacts and includes both the e-commerce and sales automation features

The Deluxe Sales includes the opportunity and sales related features. The Deluxe E-Commerce include the shopping cart, merchant card processing and ordering features.

There is an upfront $1,999 Kickstart included in each of these. The is something you need and want. Over the years, this has been a service provide d by either an Infusionsoft Success Coach or an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC). My understanding is that recently, these are all being done by Infusionsoft Success Coaches.

Here’s an insider tip I will offer you. Like many vendors, their sales team is driven by month-to-month and quarter-by-quarter sales goals. My experience has shown that sales teams are motivated to sell at different times of the year based upon internal promotions they have available to them. I’ve seen discounts as high as $50 a month, $600 a year going forward so you may want to work with your sales rep or ICC.

Total Cost of Owning Infusionsoft

When discussing the true cost of Infusionsoft, it's important to understand that owning Infusionsoft and making the most of it requires getting access to the resources and talent needed to get it working right for you. Many Infusionsoft users opt to tackle learning Infusionsoft solo. My advice is that even if you are very technical and familiar with online marketing, you need access to someone that knows Infusionsoft, can advice you on best practices and can provide you with guidance based upon their experience working with clients successfully.

When I started using Infusionsoft three years ago, I joined an Infusionsoft Elite Mastermind group run by Bob Britton, Grant James and Micah Mitchell. This trio provided those of us in that group guidance, advice and access to what they knew worked and didn't work. Do keep in mind that I am a highly experience software engineer that had over 10 years of web development experience at that point. I could not have learned how to put Infusionsoft to use in my business and in my customer's quickly without this team helping me. It was priceless for bypassing the learning curve I would faced using trial and error experimentation to learn it.

So the real cost of using Infusionsoft is that initial and possibly ongoing cost required to get solutions implemented, acquire the learning necessary to use Infusionsoft effectively and efficiently so you can consistently release effective compaigns, measure progress and build up what has worked in prior phases.


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