Memberium Setup Is SOOOO Easy...


Sign up below and get 12 videos FREE providing a step-by-step for building an ENTIRE Memberium site.

What do you get?

● Three videos covering the steps you need to take before you do anything else.

 Two videos describing the Infusionsoft tagging and necessary campaigns for setting up membership levels and forms for administering them.

 Four videos showing you how to give people free and paid access for both single purchase and subscription (month-to-month) access.

 Two videos showing how to make use of LearnDash to better organize your content and maximize the learning experience.

 Three videos showing you advance features such as how to cancel a subscription, configuring an auto-login link and a behind the scenes look at short codes.

“The step-by-step provided in this set of videos made understanding the basics of building a Memberium membership site easy. And the fact that the videos are housed in a Memberium membership site illustrates the concepts perfectly.  Thanks, Larry.”

Memberium Summit Limited Time Offer

I want to make it easy for you to build that first Memberium membership site I know you want to build. So here’s what we will do:

● We’ll set up two copies of our demo site on your hosting environment. This will include installing the necessary software (i.e., ionCube, etc.) so you get a fully functioning done-for-you installation. One site will serve as your reference site. The second will be one you can modify to building your own membership site.

● We’ll set up these sites using the domain of your choice (you need to provide this). One will be at reference site.(yourdomain).com. The other will be at dev.(yourdomain).com.

● If you don’t have adequate hosting, we’ll procure for you (using your credit card) our recommended Media Temple Grid hosting account for $30 a month or discounted to $300 a year.

● We’ll publish our Memberium campaigns for giving and removing access to the three membership levels included in our demo site.

● We’ll set up your Infusionsoft free membership registration form, product order form and subscription order form.

You’ll have two fully functioning sites and corresponding videos explaining our best practices so you don’t have to “trial and error” your way through it.

This offer is no longer available.

​You can click here to learn about our latest offer.

​​You can click here to learn about our latest offer.