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Infusionsoft Expert Vouches That Pippity Is a Serious Step Upward

As an Infusionsoft expert who gives a lot of advice to Infusionsoft users, I highly recommend opt-in form popups for my clients. I’ve seen how these specialized dialog boxes, that show up out of nowhere, get very real results for my client.

I've become an Infusionsoft expert by working my own Infusionsoft campaigns and those of my clients and learning what actually works by doing, experimenting, correcting what doesn't work and slowly improving the results I get.

These popups I'm recommending will typically suggest a lead magnet in the form of a downloadable video or PDF document to the website visitor. They'll offer something the target audience wants, but visitors can only get the coveted lead magnet if they part with their name and email address.

I've had a number of my Infusionsoft customers complain saying, “They get in my way” or “These (popups) just annoy my clients and site visitors.” To which I respond,

“People say they’re annoying, but they fill them out anyway. THEY WORK!”

When you test a popup version of an Infusionsoft campaign or legacy webform side-by-side with the more typical sidebar opt-in form, the popup wins. It out performs the sidebar webform by gathering more sign ups. People notice them more and take action more frequently.

So I wanted to impart with you my experience using Pippity. Pippity is a Wordpress plugin that will cost you $49 a year. It's very easy to configure like you'd would expect for any Wordpress plugin. You enter the license key and then use the wizard-like interface to configure it. Then you copy and paste the form from your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder web form or Infusionsoft legacy webform. Pippity will take care of matching the input fields Infusionsoft provides you with the input fields of the popup.

You can see an example of a Pippity Popup Bar when you visit my site at (Of course if you are on my site, you're probably seeing the popup bar down below.) It shows up 10 seconds after the page is displayed.

This bar in particular offers my “Incredibly Powerful Marketing” e-book in what I believe is the most non-obtrusive popup manner possible. The form just hovers at the bottom of the browser, allowing you to continue whatever it is you were doing on the page.

The popup “theme”, as Pippity calls it, will permit you to display it either at the bottom or at the top of your website design, depending on your preference. The Pippity theme I chose enables me to include a headline as well as two or three lines of copy depending on the font being utilized.

And you are not restricted to a single Pippity form either. It will also allow you to create multiple forms, with each one having its own characteristics. You can have a form popup up on every page of your site or associate a filter with it so it only shows up on the specific page or post associated with the category and post type. You have as much flexibility as you think you will ever need.
Not to mention, you can configure a post to have its own timing. That means you can set it up to show right away or after a delay (of a few seconds or minutes). You can also set it up to appear only after the user has spent a predetermined amount of time on your site. This comes in handy when you want to build a certain amount of rapport with your visitor before making an offer.
Pippity can also be configured to have it round robin between two or more popups, meaning you can use it for an A/B split testing. You can create different versions of your popup and test to see which one performs best. Over time, you can use this to slowly improve conversions as you learn what types of popup are the most effective.

The Pippity analytics are powerful as well. After rolling out your popups, you will be able to see how they perform, with or without split testing, and use that information to make adjustments.

Pippity comes with eight popup bar and themes. Each one provides different color schemes, so you can come up with a good set of options, even without any programming or HTML/CSS works. The bars work just like the one I have on my site. The popup themes will show up in the middle of the screen and prevent you from interacting with the web page until you opt-in or to close it. People might consider this set up to be the most annoying, but using them creatively with attractive lead magnets could be a very effective way to grow your list.

The eight options offer plenty of color, font and template options. But, if you are concerned that the eight options are a bit limiting, Pippity will allow you to go in with your own artwork and HTML/CSS to create your own popups. It takes some work, but it might be worthwhile if you want to take this extra step.

As you make use of Infusionsoft, you should consider what Pippity has to offer to grow your lists faster and watch conversions go up as well.

To get your own copy of Pippity --> click here