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Are You Struggling, Frustrated, or Just Plain Pissed Off Trying to Get Infusionsoft to Make Money for You?

Would Gaining Access to a U.S. Based, Native English Speaking, Highly-Reliable, Self-Motivated, Web-Savvy, Infusionsoft Knowledgeable, Talented Assistant Make a Difference?

Are you feeling these common frustrations, problems, issues?

  • You don’t have the time.  You started using Infusionsoft, but you got busy and for lack of time you stopped before getting the results you know will come.
  • You cannot focus effectively.  You started half a dozen Infusionsoft projects, but none have launched.  You hate to admit it, but you haven’t sent out that first email message.
  • You’re overwhelmed.  You get the Infusionsoft vision, but the details are too much and you don’t even know where to begin.
  • You don’t have the expertise to do it solo.  You’ve completed some Infusionsoft campaigns, but know it’s not your strong point and you need outside help.
  • Your first project is about all you can handle.  You’ve gotten success, but know that taking on more Infusionsoft projects isn’t something you can support long term.

Are These Kinds of Tasks Dragging You Down?  Or Are They NOT GETTING DONE Because You Don’t Have the Time?

  • Posting consistent blog articles to showcase your talent.
  • Sending out consistent email broadcasts and social media announcements to educate your audience on all you have to offer.
  • Posting promotional videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Amazon S3 as another way to showcase your talent.
  • Sharing content consistently with LinkedIn groups, related blog sites and article marketing sites to reach an even broader circle of prospects.
  • Checking your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn stats to understand which email or content generates the best responses.
  • Updating your website content so customers and prospects have immediate access to your most current information and offers.
  • Following up quickly and consistently with contacts that download your offers and show interest in your content.
  • Checking email broadcast results and reviewing them for use in producing additional campaigns.
  • Configuring and consistently checking website analytics so you know what site visitors like most and closely cater future efforts to their needs.
  • Reviewing and qualifying website and social media sign ups and taking action to move prospects through the sales pipeline.

You Would Think Someone Would Have Solved This Problem Already, Right?

Everyone proposes solutions to address this, but they all fall short.  I’ve spent a lot of time researching the options.  I’m an Infusionsoft consultant and I reviewed the options for my customers who have faced these issues and hadn’t yet decided to offer these services.

You might consider hiring Infusionsoft consultants.  I am fully invested in Infusionsoft.  I run an Infusionsoft consulting and web design practice.  I know many of the Infusionsoft Success Coaches and many can do a decent job.  But they fall short in the understanding of business owner’s priorities.  They don’t understand the small business owner mentality, because they are Infusionsoft corporate employees with steady paychecks.  Infusionsoft prepares them to show you their cool technology and campaign flows.  They aren’t strong at quickly identifying the sometimes very simple, “low hanging fruit” opportunities that if implemented right away can lead to quick wins.

You might consider hiring inexpensive overseas talent.  I hire offshore talent.  It’s enabled me to run a very efficient, cost-effective team.  But you have to know how to do this.  You have to find these people, interview them and test them out.  You have to find someone that knows Infusionsoft, WordPress and a host of other Internet technologies.  Then you have to worry about the language gap, their being available consistently (will they often disappear on you) and the ability to follow your instructions.

You might consider taking one of those online courses.   First of all, do you or someone on your team have the time to do this?   Then, do you know which course is the right one for you?  Is the course you select going to get you the quick wins you need?  Will it teach you the best practices and will you know how to apply best practices?  Let’s face it.  You’re new users and not one that has developed experience yet.

You might consider joining a coaching / mastermind program.   I’ll tell you right away; these are expensive and require substantial time investment on your part.  Many require travel over a year’s time which adds to the cost.  These come in many formats where experts coach you either one-on-one or in a group format.  One of the biggest issues is they cover their approach and don’t typically work to adapt it to your business.  I’ve been a part of them and find great tidbits of knowledge, but not what I needed at a given time.  It’s a one size fits all approach.  It’s difficult for a coach that’s enlisted a large group of clients to focus on the needs of anyone one of them specifically.

So what’s the solution you need to address this issue?

I’m Jorge Diaz and I run Larry Jacob Internet Group out of Miami, FL.  People who know me call me George.   It’s a little easier on the pronunciation muscles.

I’m one of the most sought after web developers and Infusionsoft consultants available today. I’ve helped companies big and small realize the full income producing potential of Infusionsoft and the web.  I have a collection of very, very satisfied customers that:

  • recommend me,
  • happily serve as references for me,
  • rave about me to their friends and
  • consider my team members and I as valuable team members of their organization.

I struggled when I started this business.  I am a software engineer that knows technology.  I’ve been developing web sites since web sites were invented back in the ‘90s.  I’ve developed strong copywriting skills personally.  Learning to market myself and my business was something I learned over time.

I know how tough it is consistently bring income in.  I know how tough it can be making payroll.  With a wife of 28 years and four daughters, I know what it’s like to be the sole bread winner and having your family depend on the business to make ends meet.  It’s all on you.

One thing I learned early on is that:

Generating qualified leads and converting them to sales is the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT thing I needed for my business.

Years back I found Infusionsoft (by accident to be honest) and discovered its potential for generating leads and sales.  I fully committed myself to learning Infusionsoft so I could use the system to promote my business.  Later on, I saw the potential so clearly I refocused my Internet marketing and web design practice on consulting for the Infusionsoft community.

A big part of this learning came from two years in Bob Britton, Micah Mitchell and Grant James’ Marketing Automation Group.   This is one of those coaching / mastermind groups I referred to earlier.  It was a huge learning opportunity for me as a consultant because it taught me many different approaches I could use for myself and, more importantly, for consulting my clients.

In working with my consulting clients, I would see that my clients greatly appreciated the Infusionsoft solutions my team and I developed for them.  What I also saw that once that first project was completed, they need additional help.  

They plan on running the system themselves, but they lacked the time and many times the expertise to do it right.  I would reach out to them a few months later and would see that what started out very nicely slowed down for lack of focus, time and effort.

Sometimes it was because someone critical to the effort left the company.  Sometimes it was because the person assigned to the project wasn’t a good fit.  The net-net of it was a very well designed and implemented Infusionsoft system wasn’t generating the results like it should.

Let me tell you how I found my super team of Virtual Assistant

About a year back, I was introduced to Michael Webb from Sales Performance, Inc.  He is a long time Infusionsoft user that needed help implementing various different lead magnet campaigns and he was done doing it himself.  He didn’t have the time mainly because he needed to focus on delivering the sales training and consulting that is his bread and butter.  He also needed time to finish a new book he planned to release.

After completing the project along with the new release of his website, it was clear he needed additional help.  He needed someone to collect the stats from his new lead magnets and help in reaching out to the new prospects that were participating in the question and answer section of his site.  Michael is a one person shop and he wasn’t eager to hire staff members, so I proposed bringing a team member onto my team to provide him this ongoing support.

I had a distinct advantage doing this when offering virtual assistant services.  I have a team of Infusionsoft, web savvy developers.   I have a team of very knowledgeable staff that can provide expertise to these virtual assistants so if they run into an issue they haven’t seen before, they can get answers quickly.

So what I did is tap into a team of outbound technology telemarketers I used in the past.  Having worked with several agencies that delivered telemarketing services for me in the past, I recognized that people skills and problems solving skills are the MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS a virtual assistant needs to be effective.

Sure they need to have the technical knowledge and familiarity with Infusionsoft and web technologies, but the absolute most important thing they need are the people skills and problem solving skills.

Outbound telemarketers and these are very distinct from inbound telemarketers, who typically are order takers, tasked with making calls and getting though call scripts aimed at getting some very specific result.  They need be able to think on their feet and make decisions based upon the response they get from the people they call.  If they are working to drive attendance to an event, the goal is to share the value of the event to the prospect and convince them to attend.  The have to have a sales person mentality to enable them to “sell” the prospect on the issue they are tasked to deliver.

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