Jorge Diaz

Who Is this Jorge Diaz guy?

Jorge Diaz
  • What do you call him?  George.  That’s what his friends call him.
  • How would you describe him?  Practically Enlightened
  • What does he stand for?  Jorge and his community are out to transform the way we think about our businesses. We have to become Empowered to get past the obstacles holding us back.​
  • Quote: Marketing isn’t magic.  It’s really hard work…following a proven road map

A lot of small business owners, and owner-led businesses in particular, are stuck. They look into online marketing and social media because they know they have to.  They scour the Internet searching for and finding way too much information. It’s overwhelming and a lot of the time it contradicts itself.

So what’s an owner to do.

They call a marketing agency, right? Then they get some complicated solution that takes 6 to 12 months to execute before the agency says they’ll get any results.


That leaves any good business owner thinking, “There’s no way I’m gonna do this. I need ROI. I’m not messing with this.”

What a business owner needs is a guide. They need someone who knows online marketing and how it can work for small business owners. The need someone that can teach them the basics and connect that to what it can do for them.

The guide is the one with the road map the business owner can understand and follow. They see it and are convinced this can take them where they need to go.  That’s what’s going to let them:

  • reach a larger audience
  • tap into new audiences they know would be interested in what they have and
  • grow sales.

JorgeDiaz.Online is that guide with the road map and community of experienced business owners all focused on changing the way we mistakenly think about online marketing.