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5 Expert Facts on Why Keap Makes Online Courses Better


As  Keap expert having worked years as a Keap consultant specialized building membership and online course sites, I just need to respond to people asking, "If I have BuddyBoss and LearnDash, why do I need Keap? Isn't that just one more think I don't need?"

Good question. Let me respond.

Keap Expert Fact #1

Keap expert membership and online course building teams make use of two best in breed tools. Those are Memberium and AccessAlly. We prefer Memberium. That's our go to tool of choice when building Keap expert membership sites. I've written an article comparing the two. You'll be wanting to select one of these two if you want to get the most out of Keap.


Keap Expert Fact #2

Keap includes e-commerce function. BuddyBoss and LearnDash both include e-commerce features, but they are basic. Keap has order forms which can be integrated nicely with your online courses and membership levels to 100% automate the process of giving and removing member access. It can also be used for collection of declined credit cards. The features can be as simple or advanced if you like it.

It can easily be used to do the following:

  • Sell courses individually or packaged together with LearnDash courses and other Wordpress site content.
  • Providing a free trial giving access to only a few intial lessons and then access when payment gets received later for more content. It can be done as simply or as complicated as you like.
  • Upselling members to the next best offer based on what they have done on the site.

Many people complain that Keap's e-commerce is missing features. With the additional of Spiffy for Infusionsoft, you can upgrade order forms andp provide "spiffy" (pun intended) sales features you can't do with Keap e-commerce out of the box.

Keap Expert Fact #3

Keap makes gathering decision making information easy. It keeps you from having to make guesses in your business decisions. You can gather information like the following:

  • How many users login the first week post purchase?
  • How far along are my students in a course and are they ahead or behind the expected pace?
  • Are my customers doing things that indicate they want to buy?

Keap makes collecting this information natural and taking action automatically based on how users behave, straightfoward.

Keap Expert Fact #4

Keap is perfect for creeping on what your students are doing. You can record everything you learners do so you can use that information to improve the site using real feedback.

You might have a course that allows members to access course lessons in any order they like.  Keap can track which lesson are most in demand. If there is a really good lesson that people aren't accessing, you can take action to either make it more prominent or by promoting it some other way on your site.

This is only one way you can use this information, but Infusionsoft provides you with the features you need for doing this.

Keap Expert Fact #5

We recently built a solution that leads to a certification. This leads to a certification by a governing body.  Think of the way the bar tracks learning credits for attorneys in each state.

Infusionsoft allows you to interact with outside system. When someone getting certified passes a test, you can communicate with that outside system and report on it. This keeps you from having to manually report on that saving you a lot of administrative work that could be done by the system.