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Keap Expert Advice: Why Use Keap on Your Membership Site?

As a long time Keap user, this Keap expert in this awesome articles is going to answer the questions, "Why do I need Keap on my BuddyBoss, LearnDash and Wordpress membership or online course site? Don't I already have all I need?" You can get by without it. Many business owners do.

But let's explore the question and go over what they are missing.

Keap Expert Explanation #1 - How Does Keap Fit in?

Keap expert teams that have worked membership sites a while depend on two tools designed for building membership sites for Keap users. Unlike other Wordpress membership building plugins that later decided to support Keap, both of these were designed from the start as Keap focused solutions. Both have released versions supporting ActiveCampaign. The tools are Memberium and AccessAlly. I recently wrote an article comparing the two. Check it out for more of the specifics for choosing the one most appropriate for your scenario.

Keap Expert Explanation #2 - Selling and Giving Content Access

Keap provides e-commerce features. You can use it to take credit card payment using merchant accounts like Stripe, PayPal, merchant accounts supporting, their own merchant account service which is super easy to configure, and a few others. Using this feature, you can sell a course, assign access rights to the new customer and send them a message with their login credentials. We've built many of these solution using WooCommerce integrated with LearnDash. It works, but it falls short in a few area.

Let me explain.

Consider the following scenarios that many course builders want for their programs:

  • You want to sell your courses by themselves or packaged together.
  • You want to give a free trial or access to an initial set of trial lessons before selling them the whole course.
  • You want to upsell a member and want to select the best next offer based on what they have done on the site.

Some of these can be done without Keap, but it's going to get complicated and may involve bringing in different other Wordpress plugins to make it happen.

Keap Expert Explanation #3 - Gathering Some Marketing Smarts

In #2 above, I got into more complex sales scenarios. What we see happen a lot is you start selling courses and then don't have the information you need to grow your program. Then you realize you don't have the information you need to make a good decision. Your only next step is to go on gut feel or hunches. This is not they way I like to make decision. (That the engineer in me I guess.)

Think how valuable answers to questions like this would be.

  • Did the member already login? Did they login more than once?
  • Is the user progressing through the course at the right pace? Are they falling behind? Are they making really good progress?
  • Is the member taking a look at other things going on in the site? Are they showing buying behavior (i.e., visiting sales pages for course they haven't yet purchased.)

When your site is integrated with Keap using either Memberium or AccessAlly, getting this information is pretty easy. As people take action on your site, you keep track of what they do and store it in the contact recording using tags and custom fields.

Now you can make decisions intelligently instead of just guessing.

Keap Expert Explanation #4 - Monitor Their Every Step

A Keap integrated site allows you to watch their every move on your site. You can do that to sell better as I explain above, but you can also do it to continually improve your programs.

Suppose you have a course that allows members to access course lessons in any order they like.  If that's the case, you can use trace information you track in Keap to identify lessons no one ever sees. You can watch out for ones that people use a lot. Then you can make changes to your program based on what you learn about the site usage.

Pretty cool, huh?

Keap Expert Explanation #5 - Talk to Other Systems

We build a number of systems that lead to certifications. We also work with site builders that offer continuing education credits to different types of professionals. Think attorneys, healthcare professionals and others.

Keap has features for interacting with other systems. When someone on your site finishes a course, passes a quiz with the right grade, they earn some credits, you can use documented interface in outside systems to inform them they member go the credits. In the systems we have built to do that, it has saved the site owners a lot of work as it replaced manual processes they had been using.