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LearnDash Case Study – Building a Resource Library

Courses or learning tracks fit really well into LearnDash courses. They tend to be linear. For courses on topics like language learning or mathematics, forcing learners to go through the material sequentially is important. Going ahead works against them. Other topics don't have to be so strict.

In other cases, you are making content available that more like a library. It's a collection of information that can be organized by categories that needs to be searchable. In many cases, they are resources that you make available throughout your sequential course. You can complement that by organizing your content into a categorized and searchable library that enables site members to quickly get at the information after they have completed the course.

In this video, we review a resource library that we often add to a website enabling members to get to resources made available in the environment. It can be used in many different ways. We illustrate how this can work. It could be something that can add a needed features to your LearnDash site.