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LearnDash Developer Advice: Count on WooCommerce for E-Commerce

As a LearnDash Developer, I see a lot of online course builders using LearnDash e-commerce features. The see that as their cash register for selling courses. LearnDash released their e-commerce in the last few years. I believe they offered it to make it as simple as possible to start selling courses. It allows you to take payments with Stripe, Paypal or Razorpay. You can use it to sell individual courses and groups of courses. However, once your needs grow just a little bit, this LearnDash developer will tell you, "Find something else."

And what is that something else. Let me share with you a few things.

LearnDash Developer Advice on E-Commerce for Your Online Courses

I am not bashing LearnDash in any way. I am a really big fan. My team and I build three to four LearnDash sites a month. I call it my best-in-breed Learning Management System. The features it doesn't have for building courses, lessons and quizzes are provided by a very health third-party addon market. Two vendors in particular, Uncanny Owl and WisdmLabs (yes that is the way they spell it, provide enhancements that do wonders to give you features not included in LearnDash properl

If what you are wanting a best-in-breed e-commerce solution the integrates smoothly with LearnDash, my call is  WooCommerce. WooCommerce is built as a Wordpress plugin. It dominates the market in that space and provides enhancement addons that get you just about every online selling feature you could want. You have subscriptions, order forms, heavy duty coupon / discount codes, etc., etc. And if there is a feature WooCommerce doesn't provide, like LearnDash, there is an uber healthy third-party after market that provides addons to fill in anything you might think is missing.

When I'm speaking with an online course builder that needs something I haven't done before, I typically begin searching and very quickly I find something that does what they need. Many times the addon works perfectly out of the box. Sometimes it takes some adjustments and customizations. Either way, if there is something you need for selling your online courses, and just about anything online, go with WooCommerce. You won't regret it.