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LearnDash is a favorite learning management system (LMS) of mine. It's an learning platform built by sharp developers focused on meeting the needs of business owners launching online courses.

As experienced LearnDash developers, we highly recommend the platform. We appreciate the approach they have taken.  It's a solution that gives you a lot of features while running on WordPress keeping the costs down and enabling the site owner to make use of WordPress expertise they or their development team already has.

LearnDash Developer and Expert / Great Resource

My team and I have worked with hundreds of business owners as they build their courses. We've been doing this since 2014 and because LearnDash is built to meet the needs of small businesses, it fits well with the audience we serve best.

Despite the fact that LearnDash is a simple to use solution, we recommend you work with a team that has experience using LearnDash. It's not that you couldn't do it on your own. It's just that LearnDash works best when it is used with other solutions. This can include tools like WooCommerce, MemberPress, Keap/Memberium and BuddyBoss. This is where the feature sets get more and more complicated and having something that's done this before is a big benefit.

Larry Jacob Internet Marketing has organized a crack team of LearnDash Developer /  Consultants. We specialize working on LearnDash learning sites for small business owners. We aim to deliver LearnDash WordPress solutions using best practices to meet the needs of your learners.

If you are interested in learning some more about this, consider reviewing these articles and video blogs we keep on our site. You'll gain some good information that can increase your chances of success as you move forward with your project.

You might also consider getting a copy of our Profitable Online Course Builders Starter Guide, LearnDash Edition. Another good resource is our Profitable Online Course Building Program. Both of these are aimed and showing you how to identify an audience that badly needs what you can teach them and explains how to attract them to your online course.

It's not easy if you have never done this, but following a system that's been tested over time by business owners like you and their online course sites, it's become a straightforward process where you understand the steps and can follow them to the end.

Of course there are other resources available. One that we recommend is to connect with us for a free no obligation call. This isn't a sales presentation where we pressure you into buying services for us. It's a call to review what it is you have in your online course building plans. It gives you a chance to get our opinion and / or advice on your approach and a way to validate that you haven't made any mistakes that are going to cost you in the future.

You can use the link below to set up a time with us or visit our contact us page to get our phone number. We are always available to talk and again, there is no obligation to buy or do business with you.