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Let’s Learn How to Use the Infusionsoft Memberium Order Form Autologin URL

We run into a lot of membership or online course sites that have a poor post-purchase experience. Memberium and Keap/Infusionsoft are perfect for doing this. The membership site features are all there, but the standard flow is you land members that successfully purchased on a thank you page with instructions to check their email inbox. You send the message with the login credentials and that could be where your new members are stuck.

Keap/Infusionsoft are as good at getting messages to the inbox as the best email system out there, but the rules are constantly changing. Depending on your market, you may be up against pickier email systems that stand in the way.

Here's a surefire way to get your members logged in immediately after they make their Keap/Infusionsoft order form purchase which also makes for a great experience for someone eager to check out what they just bought.

Please note that as you build more sophisticated community and/or learning sites putting tools like BuddyBoss and LearnDash to use along with Keap/Infusionsoft and Memberium, your audience expects more. This approach gives an elegant experience and as I mention in the video, you can enhance it further by asking members to set a password on the thank you page so there is no excuse for them not knowing how to login the next time.

Hope this helps.