Market Aggressively with Evergreen and Infusionsoft

Business Automation Ideas

Promote your business with Evergreen Business System webinars and capture all results in Infusionsoft.

Evergreen Business Systems (EBS) is a live webinar simulating system with built in Infusionsoft integration. This frees you and your team upto do other things. It also gives you the opportunity record and edit your presentation ahead of time so your viewers get content that is as good as it’s going to get.

In addition to running the webinar for you, EBS provides:

  • registration pages,
  • reminder and follow up emails (even if you opt to configure it without InfusionSoft),
  • a countdown page for visitors who show up early and
  • a chat and/or email feature to enable attendees to pose questions to the spearker.

Larry Jacob Internet Group has developed expertise in all the marketing, video/audio production, copy and script writing and other Internet disciplines to get your webinar up and running fast matching your exact needs of your business.

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